Food Delivery Service Utica, Michigan

Our restaurant offers fresh, healthy, and casual dining.
Don't take our word for it....
Below is a restaurant review of our restaurant, showing several excerpts from the Restaurant Review published in the May 2018 publication "The Malcomb Daily".

"All food items are prepared fresh each day with high-quality ingredients, and customers can expect to receive their meal in five minutes or less"

"Shawarma & Shake also will cater meals and desserts for large groups from business meetings to family gatherings to graduation parties."

"Fans can walk from the ball field to our restaurant pretty easily right here in downtown Utica."

"The menu offers healthy bowls, wraps and gyros along with eight signature shawarmas that include such ingredients as steak, white-meat chicken and a range of cheeses and toppings. "

"All food and dessert items are less than $10 and a Super 88 combination is available that includes one of the restaurant’s eight shawarmas and one of its eight shakes along with a bag of chips for $8.88."

"We want to be different and unique so we feel that this menu is one you can’t get anywhere else,” said Hanna, who like Trendle is a Macomb County resident.

" The growing popularity for Mediterranean food is due in large part to the use of fresh ingredients, the fact that such meals are healthy options and the fact that the food can be easily consumed and is ideal for takeout"

Our restaurant offers online food delivery...
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